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How do we find the orphan children that come into our homes?

This is a frequently asked question. Just as an example, I'll explain how the children or this home happen to be rescued and brought to the home.

First, understand that each home that is established by Warm Blankets Orphan Care has to function as a church. - not next door to a church, but as a church itself. That means that there are people who are believers and some who are exploring faith in Jesus Christ. They are the body of the Church Orphan Home. Our goal is to give a body of believers a place to worship and serve. In fact, the average membership of a Church Home before we build it is around 100 people.

Let me explain why that is so important. First, there is a spiritual leader, the pastor. The congregation is local and they learn the Biblical mandate that "pure religion is this; to care for orphans and widows in their distress." (James 1:27). That's where it begins. You see, no one knows where the orphans are better than the local church. The congregations know who is keeping orphans as labor. They also know which children are separated and roaming aimlessly because their family has broken down. In fact, in many cases, the church can restore a family so the children don't have to end up in any of our homes. In the end, there are always some children who will perish without help and those become permanent members of the Church Orphan Home family.

Are many of the children victims of the AIDS epidemic in India?

Did you know that India has more AIDS cases than the countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia combined? Most people think of Africa as having the most AIDS cases in the world, but that is only true in relationship to their populations. Many African countries have more AIDS "per capita" than India, but think about this. There are THREE TIMES AS MANY PEOPLE IN INDIA THAN THE POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES in an areas that is 1/3 THE SIZE OF THE US. The  population is huge. Even a small percentage of the population of 1.3 billion people is a lot of people. The number of AIDS related orphans stagers most of the countries in Africa.

Having said that, there is also a better health care system in India and that makes a huge difference in terms of suffering.

Would you like to be a part of this home?

We have resources being offered to build a new community Church Orphan Home for these orphans. We still need about $500 USD per month to cover the monthly needs like food, school, transport, healthcare, etc. Would you consider establishing a group to help support these kids? If you would like to turn your network of friends and family into a group that supports their "own" orphan home, give us a call. We have a program to do just that. The advisor for this home is Tressa. You can reach her at 877-577-1070. The sooner you act the better. It's a great serving ministry for you and your friends to come together.

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