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Mosquitoes Cause More Orphan Than AIDS - Really.

Most people are surprised when I tell that that mosquitoes are a bigger problem than AIDS, but when I explain the reason, it adds up. It doesn't make sense, because mosquito borne diseases are treatable and preventable, but that is the way it is. Dengue Fever, Malaria, Rift Valley Fever, Yellow Fever, and  encephalitis are all spread by mosquitoes. When parents get AIDS, they usually have a good amount of time to find parental care for their children should they die. But with these diseases, one becomes sick and dies so quickly, that there is no time to plan for their children's welfare.     

Inside Scoop on AIDS Orphanages

There is a tendency for us to play the "AIDS Orphans" card in fundraising. If we have a few AIDS orphans we might be tempted to insinuate that our homes are homes for Orphans. But you'll be glad to know that is not the case. We don't identify any of our home families as AIDS orphans because the children themselves hate being branded that way. Where AIDS "orphanages" are the hot but words for fundraising, the children will sometimes actually run away because of the discrimination from school kids and villagers. SOOOO ... you won't find any AIDS homes or AIDS orphanages in any of our hundreds of home situations.

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