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Our orphan rescue and orphan care networks are comprised of all indigenous leaders, and our goal is to establish homes where the leaders become parent figures who live with the children.

The Kalinga home is a fantastic example of these family principles. In this case, as it is with many of our projects in India, the home is small and the home parents have filed for legal guardianship or parent status with the government. These dedicated disciples follow God’s teachings of love and faith and maintain families as God intends them. It is an honor to work with them and see such positive results in the children.

About their home:
This building was burned by rioters during village clashes just days after this picture was taken. Thankfully, the culprits have been apprehended and charged. Repairs are ongoing as the resources become available.

This home has one feature that is common in the area. If you look closely, you'll notice a stair case that leads to the roof. This gives the church home extra room to hold meetings when weather permits. It is also a place for fellowship after church services.

The children living here have the advantage of being able to play in wide open spaces. There is plenty of unoccupied space in the fields and hills around the home.

If you want to be involved in caring for the kids or join a mission team to this area, click on the "Contact Info" link at the left, or give us a call. Each and every home has a personal advisor assigned to it so that they can help you work through options that can lead to an experience with God as you help transform a village through the "least of these".


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